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Our Services

The Taylor Made Transportation team is committed to providing cost effective transportation solutions for all clients without sacrificing quality and customer safety. We offer a diversified suite of services to fit any institution; call us today to find out how we can address your transportation needs.

Passenger Transportation Services

We provide passenger transportation solutions to some of the country’s largest institutions, some of our passenger transportation solutions include:

Wheelchair Shuttle Service (Veterans Affairs)

TMT provides wheelchair shuttle services to patients in the Veterans Affairs’ Health system. We are provide sole provider of essential pick-up and drop-off service to veterans for medical appointments throughout the state of Maryland.

Chauffeur and Shuttle Service (Social Security Administration)

Chauffeur services and passenger shuttle services throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC metro area for SSA employees, and government employees in other agencies.

Motor Pool Management (U.S. Department Of Defense)

The management and vehicles operations for Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) vehicles.

Shuttle Service (The Department Of Treasury)

On‐campus transportation services for the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC.

Our full range of passenger transportation services include:

  • Ambulance Services
  • Wheelchair Shuttle Services
  • Shuttle Services
  • Cab Service

    Training and Consulting Services

    We also offer a range of customized training and consulting services to a wide range of institutional and private clients including:

    • Transportation Management Consulting
    • First Aid/ CPR /AED Training
    • Q’Straint Training
    • Defensive Driving Training
    • Safety Training
    • Passenger Assistance Training
    About Us
    Established in 1996, Taylor Made Transportation Services, Inc. is a full service transportation company providing transportation/logistical, management and consultant services to government and private clients...continue
    Our Services
    At Taylor Made Transportation we pride ourselves on providing cost effective, efficient and safe solutions to our clients including: transportation motor pool management services, ambulance and wheelchair shuttle service....continue
    Contact Us
    We are always here to provide great service and continue to keep an open line of communication with all of our clients institutional and private, feel free to contact us @ 410-728-1951 or info@tmtransportation.com